location: a non place [after fosse] in which a conversation is going on between one man alternately wearing a hat (ronnie 2) or glasses (ronnie 1)

[cure to fascism attachment unavailable]

ronnie 1: hollow or stuffed. there is no meaning to things

ronnie 2: it is so, though hard to cope with [pause] definitely not how I like to see things

ronnie 1: it carries a danger within the message?

ronnie 2:  it is not how we want it to be but the longer you give it a thought, the more you look around, how carefully intense you hear [pause] have to admit there is no meaning to things

ronnie 1: the owl of minerva is a hollow phrase?

ronnie 2: life is an incident. time is a sleep inducing tool for human perception

ronnie 1: there is no free will?

ronnie 2: free will is an invention best described as a form of pressure or instrument of torture

ronnie 1: things are hollow and then stuffed

warten auf ronnie

standort: ein nicht ort [nach fosse] an dem ein ständiges gespräch zwischen einem mann stattfindet der abwechselnd einen hut (ronnie 2) oder eine brille (ronnie 1) trägt

[ein zweisitzige bank ist vorhanden]

ronnie 1: ist der ronnie schon da?

ronnie 2: nein der ronnie ist noch nicht da

ronnie 1: der ronnie soll kommen mit kaffee und kuchen

ronnie 2: wir werden mal sehen was der ronnie bringt

ronnie 1: ich warte auf der ronnie… er hat irgendwie verspätung

ronnie 2: dann warte mal bis der ronnie da ist

ronnie 1: ja, ich warte auf der ronnie. der soll wohl verspätung haben

ronnie 2: dann warten wir mal zusammen ab

ronnie 1: kann ich mich hinsetzen? Ich warte auf ronnie. der hat ja verspätung

ronnie 2: wir warten mal bis ronnie kommt

ronnie 1: eine halbe stunde hat er gesagt… in eine halbe stunde ist er da… hat er gesagt

ronnie 2: dann wird er schon kommen, uns’re ronnie, mit kaffee und blumen vielleicht

ronnie 1: kuchen, kaffee mit kuchen!


ronnie 1: ist unser spiel ernst zu nehmen?

ronnie 2: das spiel ist freies handeln

ronnie 1: ach … ist das so

ronnie 2: befohlenes spiel ist kein spiel mehr

ronnie 1: also soll mann das spiel ernst nehmen! … ich liebe dich

ronnie 2: wir lieben einander

ronnie 1: das ist nicht dasselbe … oder?


location: a non place [after fosse] in which a continuous conversation is going on between one man alternately wearing a hat (ronnie 2) or glasses (ronnie 1)

[climate grief attachment unavailable]

ronnie 2: where are you?

ronnie 1 [lies coiled up on floor]: I am coiled up on the floor just here at your feet

ronnie 2: i expected so much … get UP

ronnie 1 [decidedly]: no

ronnie 2: it’s a subordinate combination of visible handling and imperceptible action.

ronnie 1: make no further statements about the effectiveness of my measures

ronnie 2: don’t think i could [pause] where are you?

ronnie 1: you look at me. you are afraid of me

ronnie 2 [mumbles]: life is seriously not safe. [pause] there’s no objective perspective [pause] nor much else to do than to copy [pause] i hate myself when i lack conceptual guts

[ronnie 2 goes on his knees and hollows himself on top of ronnie 1 and both enter a soporific state]

ronnie 1 [whispers]: what is dying?

ronnie 2 [whispers]: to die doesn’t exist

ronnie 1: we do not die?

ronnie 2: well [pause] we die off so to speak [pause] crumble

ronnie 1: one dies before one knows? without noticing?

ronnie 2: like a houseplant in a pot [pause] at first you smell nothing or even nice

ronnie 1: a young death smells good?

ronnie 2: it does wonders for the arts!
[long silence]

ronnie 1 [awakes]: did we not do this before?

ronnie 2 [cheerful]: indeed we did but we are in a recycling mode!

[supporting each other they stand up and loudly beat the fabric of their suit]


location: an non place [after fosse] with an old bicycle in the corner in which a continuous conversation is going on between one man alternately wearing a hat (ronnie 2) or glasses (ronnie 1)

[climate change attachment unavailable]

ronnie 2: what is going on why is nothing going on?

ronnie 1 [sighs]: all recent efforts to make new work failed…  been turned down

ronnie 2: again

ronnie 1: [drops head]: been turned down again …

ronnie 2: but but but no support no art making? kidding me… what support you expect

ronnie1 [keeps head down]: no food on the table no roof but the hat

ronnie 2: the spiral the spiral is closing on you despite your silly believing in the work foolish trusting in sharing in hoping… hoping is evil you know that… for exposure expecting the recognition… for what it is worth… and awe and fame and fortune…ha… relying on others wh…

ronnie 1 [peeks and interrupts]: take that grin off your face! I know that messages are differently told than received and  communication is based on fundamental misunderstanding and still…

ronnie 2: [sarcastic] bla bla bla what was it this time? who hurts us and denies our… rumor has it we seem to be increasingly unwilling to accept the proper responsibilities… to be a self-reliant unregistered person is a laugh… a painful one and useless… [shouts] self chosen victim! poor sod!


ronnie 2: so what now?

ronnie 1 [looks up]: don’t know… there is maybe another…

ronnie 2 [as if singing]: here we go again playing the fool again acting hard again

ronnie 1: please… shut… UP

ronnie 2 [kinder]: so if one percepts the world as a deceiving truth where… no one excluded… is unreliable… would it not be a great idea to conform to that state of mind and have ignorant bliss?

ronnie 1: [mumbles] i am no other than any and therefore I get the stories wrong too

ronnie 2: maybe the key lies in listening to what you have NOT heard yet? away from reactivism and meantime considering dissatisfaction makes truly an artist.

ronnie 1 [looks up at ronnie 2] can I paint your portrait for a dollar, mister?

ronnie 2 [bursts]: pathetic! get on with it!


[ in the corner of the room is a bicycle and ronnie moves towards it]